America’s largest police union has ripped “the spewing of anti-police rhetoric” by politicians and “catastrophic” reforms for record numbers of cops getting shot — just hours before another officer was slain.

The National Fraternal Order of Police decried the “culture of lawlessness” Thursday morning, soon after paying tribute to the three Connecticut cops shot in Bristol Wednesday night, two of them fatally.

“Since Monday, at least 12 police officers have been shot.,” the union wrote — a tally tragically dated hours later when an off-duty officer was among five people shot dead in Raleigh, North Carolina, while another cop was injured.

“The spewing of anti-police rhetoric by some political and media figures as well as the failed policies of rogue [prosecutors] and judges are placing our officers in greater danger.

“This culture of lawlessness must stop!” the union seethed.

Scene of shooting in Las Vegas that killed Officer Truong Thai early Thursday.