• Q. What is a Political Action Committee (PAC)?

    A. A political action committee is a vehicle through which individuals with similar interests pool their personal contributions for greater impact. PACs support candidates for Federal office who can affect legislation of interest to the group. PACs are independent of any political party or any specific candidate, and make contributions regardless of party affiliation. The Federal Election Commission administers and enforces the Federal Election Campaign Act, which governs Federal election activities.

  • Q. What is NFOP PAC?

    A. NFOP PAC is the National Fraternal Order of Police's political action committee (PAC). It is an integral part of the FOP's efforts to support and promote the Federal legislative and political interests of all FOP members. The PAC provides access and exists to give a voice to many FOP members who otherwise would not be heard. The mission of NFOP PAC is to educate Members of Congress about issues important to law enforcement officers, such as providing for a safer and more professional work environment by electing candidates to office that support those issues. The purposes of the NFOP PAC are to promote the FOP's top legislative priorities and to provide the opportunity for individuals who are interested in the safety, health and occupational security of the rank-and-file law enforcement officer to contribute to the support of worthy candidates for Federal office who believe, and have demonstrated their belief in, the principles to which the FOP is dedicated.

  • Q. Who can contribute?

    A. As a Federally registered PAC, NFOP PAC may only solicit contributions from individual FOP members, executive and administrative personnel and their spouses and family members. The PAC cannot accept donations from a local or State lodge or other organization.

  • Q. How is my contribution used?

    A. Your contribution allows the NFOP PAC to educate Members of Congress about issues important to you and influence national policy making through political action. The FOP is the nation's oldest, largest, and most influential organization of law enforcement professionals in the United States. We play a prominent role in the formation of national law enforcement policy. Last year, the National FOP supported candidates who best demonstrated their commitment to those issues that are of greatest concern for the rank-and-file law enforcement officer. Our goal is to raise funds for these purposes, and from such funds to make contributions to assist candidates, without regard to party affiliations, who demonstrate their commitment to issues most important to members of the FOP.

  • Q. Do I really make a difference?

    A. NFOP PAC's strength comes from you and your commitment to law enforcement. Each individual NFOP PAC supporter helps us stand together and promote the strength and future of law enforcement officers.

  • Q. Questions?

    A. Please do not hesitate to contact Michelle Mason at or (202) 547-8189 with any questions. Contributions or gifts to the National Fraternal Order of Police PAC are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes. Contributions to the NFOP PAC are strictly voluntary and FOP members have the right to refuse to contribute without reprisal. This page has not been authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.