NFOP Condemns Murder of Police Officer


Chuck Canterbury, National President of the Fraternal Order of Police, expressed sadness, anger and frustration over yesterday’s murder of Officer Jacai Colson of the Prince George’s County, MD Police Department. “Another cold blooded murder of a hero—another affront to law and justice and humanity right here in the United States—but there’s no public outrage, no cry for justice, just the obligatory platitudes and back to business. I have been calling for years and—particularly in the last 18 months—for Congress to add hate crimes against police officers to existing Federal legislation—as yet to absolutely no avail. It’s really easy to find an elected official who is ready to criticize the police, but those same officials get awfully hard to find when it comes to backing cops up.” Canterbury released the following statement this morning:

Another police officer was murdered last night--another victim of a growing epidemic of unprovoked and undeserved attacks on those who have sworn to protect and defend. Officer Jacai Colson, 28, joins the long and growing list of men and women who died for you while you worked, or slept, or ate dinner. He and his brothers and sisters in blue leave behind wives and husbands and children and friends like yours. They worried about car payments and college loans and mortgages like many millions of us do. They were just ordinary friends and neighbors—till they went to work.

That’s when everything changes—when they put on their uniforms and pinned on their badges, when they strapped on their weapons and headed out to the “office.” They were murdered in their workplace, whether it was their squad car, or in the street, or outside the station. Pundits wring their hands about workplace violence—well, how about this for workplace violence:

The last two and a half months of 2015 saw 46 officers shot in the line of duty. 16 of those officers that were shot in that period lost their lives. During that time we saw 10 officers shot in a 7 day period. Where was the outrage then by the media and our politicians? Since January 1, 2016 we have seen even more officers shot in the line of duty. 55 officers in 2016 shot while doing their job. 13 of those officers have been killed. In one week 11 officers were shot and 9 killed.  

In October of last year the Department of Justice released their “Ambushes of Police” report that detailed the amount of ambush attacks on law enforcement officers from 1990-2013. In 2013, the final year of the report, there were between 200-300 ambush attacks reported on law enforcement officers. In the Executive Summary of the report they state, “…the proportion of fatal attacks on officers attributable to ambushes increasing. Concerns about targeted violence against police are on the rise, while officers must not only be guardians of the public but also be prepared to respond to violence targeting them.” Where was the media responding to this report or our politicians calling for more protections for our law enforcement officers by expanding the Federal hate crimes statute to include attacks on police officers?

The men and women of law enforcement around this country will continue to stand up and protect the people of our great country no matter what. They will continue to do this even though attacks on law enforcement officers are up, and while members of the media and our elected officials continue to stay silent and ignore the facts.