The FOP Is Proud to Partner with MillerCoors in Advocating the Respect 21™ Program

FOP National President Chuck Canterbury and MillerCoors team up to prevent underage drinking

As a leading law enforcement organization, the Fraternal Order of Police is committed to preventing illegal, underage drinking and access to alcohol. To that end, we fully support and recognize the value of working directly with retailers, local law enforcement, government agencies and communities to address this complex, yet critical issue.

Respect 21 is a responsible retailing program, created by the Responsible Retailing Forum and Brandeis University in partnership with MillerCoors, to help prevent underage access to alcohol. The program focuses on helping retailers improve or establish responsible retailing practices that prevent alcohol sales to minors. Since the program's inception in 2005, more than 900 retailers across the nation have participated. And in 2012, with a focused approach to responsibility, Respect 21 reached more than 25 new communities across the country.

In partnership with the Responsible Retailing Forum, communities can work with retailers to improve practices to prevent underage access to alcohol through the Respect 21 program. Legal-age mystery shoppers visit local retailers to test the retailers' effectiveness in limiting underage access to alcohol during the 12-month endeavor.

President Canterbury has recorded the following PSAs to be used in this program. These PSAs will be used in a variety of media markets across the country.

For more information please go to the Great Beer Great Responsibility program page.