Fraternal Order of Police Auxiliary


National FOP Auxiliary

Grand Lodge Executive Board

The Grand Lodge Auxiliary represents all subordinate and State Auxiliaries. Members of the Executive Board of the Grand Lodge are elected biennially from delegates sent by subordinate and State Auxiliaries to a National Conference, held simultaneously with the National Fraternal Order of Police organization. The main objective of the Grand Lodge Executive Board is to govern, unify and establish policies for all auxiliaries nationwide.

State Auxiliaries

Membership of the State Auxiliaries is comprised of all members of subordinate auxiliaries within that particular State. The Executive Board of the State Auxiliary is comprised of elected delegates representing subordinate auxiliaries attending a State Conference of the FOP Auxiliary organization. The objective of the State Auxiliary is to coordinate statewide activities and to provide a liaison between subordinate auxiliaries and the National Auxiliary. State Auxiliaries are also afforded additional voting power at the National Conference in the form of a representative (National Trustees) on the National Board. There are presently 18 State Auxiliaries functional across the Nation.

Subordinate Auxiliaries

Although, on an organizational chart, subordinate auxiliaries are the lowest on the echelon of the Order, they are the most important in the structure of the Auxiliary. A subordinate auxiliary is formed with permission from your parent FOP lodge and the minimum of ten eligible persons. This grass roots organization administers to day-to-day problems of the members of the Fraternal Order of Police and their families. The profile of a subordinate auxiliary varies with the needs of each particular police family, law enforcement agenda, FOP lodge, and community. Auxiliaries represent diverse interests and makeup of members.