Jack Dudek Member of the Year Award

This award is presented annually to an outstanding member of the Fraternal Order of Police. Find out how to nominate a member for this honor.

Year Recipient State
2019 Phil Wiggins North Carolina
2018 Carlton Stallings Georgia
2017 James Harrity Pennsylvania
2016 Roger Mayberry California
2015 Pete Fogarty Kansas
2014 Tom Martin Ohio
2013 Danny Overley Indiana
2012 Jay McDonald Ohio
2011 Carl Smith California
2010 Allen Hamby Arkansas
2009 Jack Simington Washington
2008 Kenny Rodgers District of Columbia
2007 Bill Westermann California
2006 Johnny Frederic Louisiana
2006 Wilbur Chamberlin Mississippi
2005 Jerry W. Atnip Tennessee
2004 Michael Lutz Pennsylvania
2003 Steve Young Ohio
2003 Ray Franklin Kentucky
2002 Frank Ferreyra New York
2001 Tommy Tague District of Columbia
2000 Patrick Yoes Louisiana
1999 Jack Brown Michigan
1998 James E. Boomer Ohio
1997 Robert Lampard, Sr. Louisiana
1996 Patrick McNamara Pennsylvania
1995 Paul "P.D." Taylor Oklahoma
1993 Tom Haines Ohio
1991 James S. Gaudet Virginia
1989 John J. Harrington Pennsylvania
1987 Clyde Bishop Kentucky
1985 Frank Wack Pennsylvania
1985 Jack Dudek Ohio