Education Services

The Education Services Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of professional law enforcement training programs and events. Our goal is to maintain the highest standard in providing quality education and excellence in training. We are committed to equipping law enforcement professionals with the necessary skills needed to enhance their career development and quality of life. In keeping with our continued commitment to effective labor services, the Committee also seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of the complex legislation impacting law enforcement officers—knowledge crucial to establishing protections from unfair labor practices.

To achieve our objective, the Education Services Committee is seeking to prepare a training calendar at least two years in advance of each National Conference. Simultaneously, we have already established a training schedule covering a wide spectrum of leadership, labor, and legal issues. We are also prepared to develop on-site custom training events nationwide on these and other topics as needed. The need for custom training events is evaluated on a case-by-case basis upon request by either a local or state lodge.

Grand Lodge Education Scholarship Policy Statement, Request Form and Questionnaire