Do you have questions about a labor-related issue? Are you interested in looking for statutes or cases related to a specific situation in your area? Is there an issue faced by law enforcement that you would like to see studied? The FOP Labor Services Division has research staff to accommodate these and many other requests.

The Labor Services Division is the hub for FOP research on issues related to law enforcement. A reference library provides information on a wide variety of subjects. Full-time employees respond to research requests submitted by members. Research topics include civilianization of law enforcement jobs, consolidation of departments, collective bargaining laws, cancer frequency among officers, the use of workers compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder, and retirement pension systems. Research requests may be answered in the form of a short written report, a compendium of situation-specific news and magazine articles, a history of pertinent legal cases, or an outline of available internet resources.

Proactive research initiatives will also be undertaken as time allows. A study on the life expectancy of law enforcement officers is planned. Since the 1960s, there have been few comprehensive studies aimed at calculating the life expectancies of law enforcement officers; the FOP research staff hopes to update this literature and provide members with information that could be very useful when talking with politicians and at the bargaining table.

The research staff can also accommodate requests for information on specific statutes and cases. Using the Westlaw® legal database, collective bargaining laws for specific states can be quickly located. Case histories are also available.

Contact the Labor Services Division research office by:

Phone: (615) 399-0900

We look forward to hearing from you!