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FOP Weekly Updates

  • DECEMBER 2019
    • 09 December: We Must Stand United: Condem The Anti-Police Rhetoric (LINK)
    • 02 December: FOP Leaders Meet With The President At The White House (LINK)
    NOVEMBER 2019
    • 18 November: FOP Fights For Fairness (LINK)
    • 11 November: FOP Announces New Workshop Series "20/20 Vision: A Straegic Plan For The Future" (LINK)
    • 04 November: FOP President Pens Letter To Congress: Help Law Enforcement Fight Drug Dealers (LINK)
    • 01 November: President Trump Signs Executive Order Establishing Law Enforcement Commission (LINK)
  • OCTOBER 2019
    • 21 October: FOP VP Joe Gamaldi On Fox & Friends: “Let’s Talk About The Activist District Attorneys” (LINK)
    • 14 October: President Yoes Pens Op-Ed In The Hill (LINK)
    • 07 October: FOP Releases Video “The Facts” (LINK)
  • SEPTEMBER 2019
    • 30 September: FOP Leaders Meet In Washington (LINK)
    • 23 September: FOP Establishes Working Group On Social Security Fairness (LINK)
    • 16 September: FOP President Patrick Yoes Testifies Before Congress (LINK)
    • 09 September: Trump Awards Medal Of Valor To Dayton Police Officers (LINK)
    • 02 September: FOP’s Hurricane Relief Efforts (LINK)
  • AUGUST 2019
    • 26 August: FOP Partners With CBS Talk Radio (LINK)
    • 19 August: FOP Elects New Executive Board (LINK)


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