Labor Services

The Labor Services Division provides a comprehensive set of resources and services designed to ensure that no officer goes to the bargaining table alone. In addition, we provide assistance to your lodge to obtain the right to become your bargaining agent or to try to influence the public officials who determine your hours, wages, terms and other conditions of employment.

Whether your department requires contract information, experienced legal experts, training seminars or personalized labor research, the Labor Services Division stands ready to provide you with the people and resources you need.

The FOP is the largest professional police labor organization in the country. We know that no one can represent an officer as well as a fellow officer. FOP members have worked through thousands of labor situations. The Labor Services Office has access to the collective knowledge of more than 355,000 law enforcement professionals.


The Labor Services Division is staffed by full-time professionals who provide highly skilled support services on behalf of the Grand Lodge to state and local lodges in the area of labor relations. Our staff includes experienced veterans in the field of Law Enforcement employment relations. These representatives are available to travel extensively throughout the country to assist member lodges. In addition, the Labor Services staff is available to answer members' questions and to provide information and/or advice. The Labor Services Division is the hub for FOP labor information.

We are frequently asked, "What labor services are available to assist our members?" A sample of our labor services include:

  • Dispelling the myth that right to work states cannot bargain
  • Helping form bargaining organizations that can provide the expertise needed to bargain effectively
  • Training leaders to represent members in disciplinary matters
  • Working with lodges to determine how they can better represent the interests of their members outside the framework of a formal collective bargaining agreement
  • Developing training programs for lodge negotiators
  • Providing expert advice and guidance during the negotiation process
  • Providing expert advice and guidance during the contract administration process
  • Providing expert advice and guidance in campaigns to obtain bargaining representation
  • Assisting lodges to gain the right to bargain
  • Additional services are available.

In addition to the above services, Labor Services travels to local and state lodges to develop and conduct classes specific to your membership's needs. These classes will be tailored with your local and state laws in mind.

The Labor Services Division can provide access to current information on labor issues, contracts, arbitrations, and negotiations. This information is essential for collective bargaining and discussions on hours, wages, terms, and other conditions of employment. This system makes lodges and other labor entities dramatically more effective at improving the quality of life of our members.

The Labor Services Division can also assist with the creation of custom compensation, demographic, and contract language reports.

If you have questions or desire assistance, please contact:

NFOP Labor Services Division
701 Marriott Drive
Nashville, TN 37214
(800) 451-2711
(615) 399-0900