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Every family should create a family disaster plan. If a disaster strikes in your neighborhood, where will your family be? Work, school, or in the car? How will you find each other? How will you know if your family is safe? The City of Laurel, the National Weather Service, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Maryland Emergency Management Agency, and the American Red Cross are all working together to help you develop and practice a family disaster plan.  We have provided some very useful information and links to help you get started with your Family Disaster Plan.

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Disaster Planning for Pets & Livestock – The impact of the disasters on pets and other animals is often far more devastating than the impact of the disaster on the human population in the disaster area. Animals are not allowed in shelters, and their owners often have no time to make other arrangements for their pets’ safety and security before the disaster strikes. Disaster Preparedness for Pets & Livestock is a link to the Humane Society's Website for Pet Disaster Planning information. If you have to leave your animals behind, set aside at least a five day supply of food and water.