Clyde Bishop

1987 FOP Member of the Year

A dedicated FOP member who was instrumental in nearly every bill that was police-related legislation in the state of Kentucky during the past 25 years was honored during the National Conference as recipient of the 1987 Jack Dudek FOP Man of the Year Award.

A retired captain of the Newport, Kentucky Police Department, Clyde Bishop, a 30-year veteran, received and graciously accepted the prestigious award. Emotionally affected as he walked to the lectern after the announcement was made by Committee Chairman Past President Pat Stark, Bishop received a standing ovation by his peers.

Bishop, who served on the State Board for over 25 years, was State President from 1956-57 and has also served on the National Board as Trustee. He was the Kentucky State Legislative Chairman for over 25 years.

His efforts have improved pension legislation and benefits in Kentucky, fended off adverse pension changes, assisted pushing forward the Police Officers' Bill of Rights, civil service systems and helped establish Kentucky as front runner in law enforcement training and education with its Pay Incentive Program.

Bishop helped lead the expansion of the FOP during the early 60s throughout Kentucky and according to Ralph Orms, State President, Bishop, at age 65, is continually sought for his political and legislative expertise on police related legislation.

Upon completing his acceptance remarks, Bishop quoted Past President Emeritus Jack Dudek in whose honor the award was given: "May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live."

This year's man of the year has been proclaimed "The heart of the Kentucky FOP."