Tommy Tague

2001 FOP Member of the Year

Tommy Tague of D.C. Lodge #1 was presented the Fraternal Order of Police's most distinguished award at the 55th National Biennial Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The committee reviewed all nominations and came to the decision that Tommy Tague had all the characteristics that exemplify the Jack Dudek Member of the Year.

In 1969, Tommy Tague joined the Fraternal Order of Police in Washington, D.C. Brother Tague served in many positions during his time with the Washington, D.C. Lodge. He seriously approached the duties of each position to which he was appointed. In 1972, Tommy Tague was elected President of the D.C. Lodge, a position he was to hold for sixteen years. Realizing that Washington, D.C. was unique because of its plethora of law enforcement agencies, Mr. Tague made it a top priority to make the D.C. Lodge representational of the entire law enforcement community in the Nation's Capital. Through Mr. Tague's efforts, the D.C. Lodge quickly grew from a membership of three hundred to more than two thousand law enforcement officers.

Brother Tague accomplished many great things during his time as the Lodge President. At the time Brother Tague began his presidency, the D.C. Lodge was considered a local lodge. Given the characteristics of Washington D.C.'s law enforcement community, Tague felt strongly that the Lodge should become a State Lodge. After some complications due to the locality of all federal law enforcement officers, the D.C. Lodge was recognized as a State Lodge in August 1983.

Also, at the time of Tague's presidency, the IBPO represented the Metropolitan Police Department in all union matters. The Department, however, was in turmoil and dissatisfied with the representation. Mr. Tague attempted to work with the IBPO, but these attempts were futile. In 1985, Tague challenged the IBPO with an election for representation of the Metropolitan Police Department. The FOP received an astounding 86% of the vote. After the IBPO appealed to the Mayor's office, it was Tommy Tague's testimony that swayed both the Mayor and the National Labor Relations Board to side in favor of the FOP.

In September 1983, Brother Tague organized the Tri-State Coalition. The Tri-State Coalition was formed to address the issues that were common between the Metropolitan Washington jurisdictions and was comprised of Prince George's County, Maryland, Montgomery County, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia Lodges. Tommy Tague personally designed the Tri-State pin worn by members of the Coalition.

Tommy Tague was very instrumental in organizing the local and national police memorials in Washington, D.C. He had a fountain in front of Police Headquarters refurbished and dedicated to all police officers slain in the District of Columbia. In 1982, a hastily prepared National Memorial Service was held on the Capitol grounds with a great deal of support from the office of Congressman Biaggi, a highly decorated past police officer from New York City, and his staff, Craig Floyd and Bob Blacto. Brother Tague and the Congressman's staff became good friends and together convinced Congressman Biaggi of the importance of a national police memorial. In 1984, Congressman Biaggi, along with Senator Pell (RI), introduced a joint resolution to authorize a Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. The National Memorial was built in The National Memorial Service has grown to be one of the most solemn events held every year in our Nation's Capitol to honor the officers who have given their lives in the line of duty.

Mr. Tague's accomplishments while president of the D.C. Lodge alone make him worthy of the Member of the Year Award, but Brother Tague's accomplishments as a police officer are not insignificant. He joined the Metropolitan Police Department in 1957 and served the department with distinction for twenty-two years. By the time of Tommy Tague's retirement in 1979, he had received at least thirty commendations for outstanding police work.

Congratulations, Tommy, on this well-deserved, outstanding award!