Jerry W. Atnip

2005 FOP Member of the Year

October 7, 1943 - August 29, 2004

Straight-forward and no-nonsense defined the man elected in 1993 to serve as National Secretary. As the Fraternal Order of Police National Secretary, Jerry Atnip expanded the services of the National Office by instituting a Research Section and establishing the Grand Lodge web site. Jerry was committed to ensuring that every FOP member was kept well-informed about the activities of the Grand Lodge and that each member received efficient and effective service.

Jerry's talent for getting things done was honed through service as Chairman of the National Trustees for eight years; National Trustee from Tennessee for 14 years; Vice President and President of Nashville Lodge #5; and Chairman of the Grand Lodge Labor Seminar Committee. He was a recognized source for dealing with police labor issues. His extensive knowledge of police labor issues came from serving many years as head of Lodge #5's Labor and Negotiations Committee.