L-R: Kenny Rodgers, Awards Committee Co-Chair Leo Marchetti,
National President Chuck Canterbury

Kenny Rodgers

2008 FOP Member of the Year

At the Fall 2008 National Board of Trustees meeting held in Detroit, the 2008 Jack Dudek Member of the Year was awarded to Kenny R. Rodgers, treasurer for District of Columbia Lodge 1.

In the letter nominating Kenny, Lodge President Marcello Muzzatti said, "Kenny has dedicated a lifetime of service to law enforcement and the Fraternal Order of Police. Throughout his professional career, in all of his volunteer work and during the past thirty-four years of service to the FOP at the local, state and national levels, Kenny has maintained a commitment to excellence and a steadfast devotion to the 'good of the order.' Leadership happens at every level of the organization and Kenny's service is an inspiration to the thousands of members across the nation who contribute generously every day to the FOP. Dedicated and accomplished members like Kenny are the foundation upon which the FOP has built its reputation as the most respected law enforcement organization in the world."

Kenny joined the lodge in 1974 and was elected to the Board of Directors in 1976. He has served in this capacity for the past thirty-two years. During his tenure, the lodge has grown from 2,000 members to 11,000 members. Kenny is credited with playing an integral role in the successful growth and development of the DC Lodge.

He retired in 1998 from a prestigious career as a detective with the Metropolitan DC Police Department, where he received numerous commendations for his work there. In his service as a member of the DC lodge and as an officer on the Board of Directors, he has set two records: one for being the member with the longest continuous service on the Board of Directors and the second for the longest continuous service as Lodge Treasurer.

In his role as Treasurer Kenny helped negotiate property deals that allowed the Lodge to move into bigger and better quarters in 1998 and to structure a mortgage that will be retired in the next year. Kenny's "financial wizardry" is legend, leading also to a restructuring of the food concession run by the Lodge and creating a profitable restaurant and banquet operation that is self-sustaining.

Kenny also contributes his time and talents to the FOP at the state and national levels. As the FOP expanded into labor representation, Kenny contributed his knowledge and experience to help organize labor councils for Connecticut, Texas and the Federal Protective Service in New York. He also became involved in the conception and development of the Mid-Atlantic Coalition which was created to enhance cooperation and communication among the various police departments in the DC metropolitan area. Several years later, the Mid-Atlantic Coalition evolved into the Eastern States Coalition. Kenny has been involved in the Eastern States Coalition since its inception and continues to support its mission and promote the camaraderie and good will of its membership.

He served as a National Trustee from 2001-2005, and as a Trustee served on the National Constitution & By-Laws Committee and was instrumental in the formation of the National Compliance Committee. This Committee was created to bring state lodges into compliance with the National Constitution & By-Laws and Kenny served as a member for four consecutive years. In 2007 he was appointed again to the National Constitution & By-Laws Committee and continues to serve on this Committee today.

Muzzatti said, "Vince Lombardi was quoted as saying 'The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.' Kenny's commitment to excellence and his reputation for integrity have distinguished him as one of the most important leaders in the history of our lodge."